I have removed "What is Interesting Writing in Art History" because I've made a book out of it. The book will be print on demand, and it will be available on my website.

This is the book's table of contents:

Part One

1   The space between interesting writing and art history
2   The space between interesting writing and visual studies
3   The space between interesting writing and art theory
4   A manifesto, of sorts

Part Two

5   The idea of exemplary writing in art history
6   Rosalind Krauss
7   T.J. Clark
8   Alexander Nemerov
9   Benjamin Binstock
10 Leo Steinberg
11 The French poststructural model
12 Salvador Dalí
13 Jean Louis Schefer
14 Hélène Cixous
15 Gilles Deleuze
16 Artworks in Fiction: DeLillo, Proust

Part Three
Theories and Institutions

17 Critical theory, criticism, criticality, critique, Kritik
18 What is an essay? Eleven theories
19 Where is nonfiction taught?


20 Invitation to the reader

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